Remorse x50 - current situation

Dear players! We hasten to inform that our team has decided to close Remorse x50 server, based on the current server's situation and it's statistics, to our regret which has rapidly fallen near to the bottom. Transfer option was rejected by us this time, as Genesis x1000 server did not open a long time ago, accordingly it would be unfair to transfer already equipped characters to the fresh server, and in case to wait for another month or two, there would have been no one to transfer. Consequently, Remorse x50 server will be closed on April 28 and donations will be compensated according to the table below.

  24 April 2017, 18:05   Views: 1741   Comments: 32

Patch V1.10.05 +Upcoming SXII

Last patch of the outgoing season has arrived! Before we throw all our energy for new season 12, administration will please you for the last time with updates for our current s10 ep3. This patch includes some of the player wishes, as well as minor improvements, which will make your remaining game a little bit nicer. We remind you that update to s12 will take a place without any wipes. Moreover, the main part of the settings, will remain unchanged. It's too early to say about the exact date when s12 will be released, but the fact that the most efficient version of s12 will be released on warius, before others - that's for sure. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below.

  08 April 2017, 00:21   Views: 803   Comments: 5

Genesis x1000 Launch Day Information

New server - new battles! Warius announces the launch of a new server, which will be held on April 14 at 18:00 server time. So what awaits you at the Genesis x1000? First of all, it's totally operational season 10 with full availability of all the relevant content. Much has been customized, much has been done in favor to reset-like server. So the character balance has been completely revised, including stat builds, master skill tree, stat specializations, so-called ''new'' characters Rage Fighter and Grow Lancer, and even some of their skills have been revised. Information about the server can be found here.

  16 March 2017, 18:45   Views: 1930   Comments: 10