Genesis x1000 launch on July 21 at 18:00!


Warius Open Beta Test

Our project is coming to the final stage of development. OBT for Remorse x50 will be released on December 17 around 18:00 server time, therefore we invite everyone to get in touch with our own vision to MU Online. OBT will last until December 30, after that all the characters and game valuables will be deleted. During OBT experience will be increased to x5000.
  23 December 2016, 18:41   Views: 1280   Comments: 10

Warius Launch Day Information

Warius is expected to launch on Jaunuary 7, 2017 at approximately 18:00 server time. It will work on a full Season 10 Episode 3 Emulator with unique settings and many features. Season 10 was released relatively recently, not many servers support it, therefore our project can be considered as innovation. Precisely, that's what new players are looking for - everyone wants to play, if not, then at least to see what kind of work our Korean comrades from Webzen did this time. And there is plenty stuff to see...
  01 October 2016, 02:22   Views: 3680   Comments: 8