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  4. Account Missing Character

    Check your server after logging, you forgot to change server then...On the right colum.
  5. Good morning. I'm having trouble with my account. I can login the game just fine and my character is there. But when I log into the website to look at my character, there is no user there. My character isnt showing up as if there wasn't one created. What's wrong?
  6. Cannot Login website

    im invited u
  7. Last week
  8. Cannot Login website

    nmchinh711 @Magick
  9. Cannot Login website

    Cant find ur mesage, tell me ur skype here
  10. Cannot Login website

    @Magick check my inbox thanks admin for read
  11. Cannot Login website

    tell me your skype, i know how to fix that problem
  12. Cannot Login website

    Dear Admin, Please help me check both account: jura216,jura217. Im login game normal, but cannot login website. I forget my email password, so cannot reset pass. but dont know why website and in game not same password. I cannot login website from today 19/04/2018. Thanks & Best Regards @Groot
  13. Fixed, drops in Icarus from mega crusts and higher by level monsters.
  14. Loch's Feather

    Must drop in Icarus from mega crusts and higher by level monsters.
  15. Loch's Feather

  16. Earlier
  17. Loch's Feather

    Hello Guys, Please could you check if is any issue with drop rate of Loch's Feather ? it's not possible to farm that item for 2 days even with seal of divinity and no drop at all ( Icarus). It must be something wrong with drop rate. please fix that. Thanks
  18. Good day Admins! In ss12, Loch feather drop in Icarus map, but now i dont know where drop it, please share this information. Thanks and Best Regards
  19. Maintenance on 08.04.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  20. Greetings, on April 8 at 11:30 server time technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Reset Gens rank and Maze of Dimensions progress.
  21. x30 'Prime' - dedicated low rate server, focused specially for true mu online lovers. This server is about... complete lack of donate items! Yes, you did not misunderstand, any item earned on this server is achieved through the gameplay only. Your success here depends on your patience to achieve goals and the ability to cooperate with your teammates. The more you play with it, the harder it gets. Server features Warius works only with Webzen’s official platform. Main server features can be seen below. Main server features Game version: Season 13 Part 1-2 Normal level rates: x30 (Dynamic) Master level rates: x30 Drop rates: 50% Max level: 400 Max master level: 350/100 Max reset: 30 Stats per each level: 5/7 Stats per each reset: Shown on the table Limited stats for one characteristic: 12'767 Required level for guild creation: 350 Required level for joining gens: 50 Required level for MU Helper: 10 Party system When your character is levelling in the party, your experience is modified depending on character classes and levels. Thus, player party with not repeatable classes (Gold party) gets +10% bonus experience for each player. However if party consists of same player classes, it gets a penalty -10% of acquired experience. Furthermore, total amount of penalty and bonus is divided among all members of the party, depending on their level difference. The greater level difference between players are, the greater penalty or bonus they will receive. - 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 5 Players Normal party -20% -30% -40% -50% Gold party - +30% +40% +50% Dynamic Experience Your character’s levelling consists of 30 resets. For every reset player will receive from 500 to 700 points and for every 10th reset player will receive from 1000 to 3000 points. In addition, every 10 resets player will receive from 25 to 100 w coins. At the maximum stage of the game, characters such as DW / DK / ELF / SUM will be awarded with 24’195 stat points (without Marlon quest), and MG / DL / RF / GL - 24'993 stat points. Furthermore, you can start achievement system in order to earn more game currency and strengthen your character. A table with detailed information regarding the stats, rates, reset cost and reset bonuses can be seen below. Reset Stat points per reset Total stat points Normal experience Master experience Zen price Bonus W Coins 1 500 500 x30 x30 1'000'000 - 2 500 1000 x29 x30 2'000'000 - 3 500 1500 x28 x30 3'000'000 - 4 500 2000 x27 x30 4'000'000 - 5 500 2500 x26 x30 5'000'000 - 6 500 3000 x25 x30 6'000'000 - 7 500 3500 x24 x30 7'000'000 - 8 500 4000 x23 x30 8'000'000 - 9 500 4500 x22 x30 9'000'000 - 10 1000 5500 x21 x30 10'000'000 25 11 600 6100 x20 x30 11'000'000 - 12 600 6700 x19 x30 12'000'000 - 13 600 7300 x18 x30 13'000'000 - 14 600 7900 x17 x30 14'000'000 - 15 600 8500 x16 x30 15'000'000 - 16 600 9100 x15 x30 16'000'000 - 17 600 9700 x14 x30 17'000'000 - 18 600 10300 x13 x30 18'000'000 - 19 600 10900 x12 x30 19'000'000 - 20 2000 12900 x11 x30 20'000'000 50 21 700 13600 x10 x30 21'000'000 - 22 700 14300 x9 x30 22'000'000 - 23 700 15000 x8 x30 23'000'000 - 24 700 15700 x7 x30 24'000'000 - 25 700 16400 x6 x30 25'000'000 - 26 700 17100 x5 x30 26'000'000 - 27 700 17800 x4 x30 27'000'000 - 28 700 18500 x3 x30 28'000'000 - 29 700 19200 x2 x30 29'000'000 - 30 3000 22200 x1 x30 30'000'000 100 You can find overall information about the server here.
  22. Maintenance on 26.03.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  23. Greetings, on March 26 at 20:00-20:15 technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Patch release with various fixes. List of changes (changelog): Warp menu level changes 'Move' on locations, such as Ferea, Nixies Lake, Dungeon 1-5. Normal Combat, Devilwood, Bloodangel, Darkangel and Holyangel Quiver are available in the general drop. Removed stun effect from ML skills, such as Breche and Magic Pin. Fixed visual bug with the Obsidian skill. Maze of Dimensions - removed experience gain. Fixed drop from Kundun, rare cases when it didn't drop anything at all, observations are required though. Fixed an attack distance for Fire Blow Enhanced skill. Swamp of Calmness is not (Battle) location anymore, Deep Dungeon 1-5 are (Battle) locations. Silver/Gold keys can be now traded and sold to NPC. Teleport in party is now disabled in the Valley of Loren, in some other locations the particular system is disabled as well. VIP users can gain additional experience on the normal server as well. Fixed Red Cherry Blossom Branch stacks up to 50. Achievement 'Serpentarium' has been replaced with 'New Year's efforts', summon scrolls were added in drops. Fixed mobs and drops in the Imperial Guardian event for characters with 400 ML and above. All kind of Egg's can be now dropped from the inventory. ML rate has been increased to x100. After an update, some of the client files will be updated automatically.
  24. reset cost

    under the game services there is a reset character option then transfer zen button at lower part of the web page, transfer the service cost amount then press the make button. you can also add stats there in the game services. hope this will help you.
  25. reset cost

    hi, how can make a reset?? the reset cost are write in the website 500.000 zen but in game i have 2.000.000 zen why cant make a reset??
  26. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    This and all many others issues/bugs will be fixed in next patch.
  27. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    Annoying Quest window- When log in the game, a quest window appears and shows some quest. i deleted them and window popup disappeared but after reset the char and relog it shows up again. I thought i must the complete all quest to disappear it for life time than i completed all. But annoying window came with full of quest again.
  28. GuessWho has suggestions?

    There is no need to get toxic and start lashing out at any given comment. I apologize for overlooking your incentive & not considering that you are complaining about something which you apparently knew the cost of. You like to challenge yourself by making a choice which takes 3 weeks on up to 5 accounts, which you could have calculated (at least estimate if you can't make assumptions on success rates), to make your point that its not worth it. Ok, that's up to you, congrats on achieving your objective. Don't presume to know anything about me, my education, or even the country where I got my education. Thanks.
  29. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    Also I noticed that event cards are not dropping anymore.. The ones who allow you to summon snake. Also when you try to upgrade in in CM, when you put card it disappear from event inventory and nothing appears in CM.After that the only way to close CM and inventory is to close the game.
  30. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    Yeah, best update ever I guess see you all in few patches guys
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