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  1. Troyan

    IGC.DLL is protected with packers that may be detected as virus by some low quality anti-viruses. However, some top grade AVs also detect packed-protected software as virus. MS Defender team has serious problem, as they detect the false-positive for one time where for another time they do not. We cannot deal with such not serious behavior of their software. IGC.DLL file is clean, you can submit it for white-listing here. The more people submit it for white-listing the better.
  2. Maintenance on 16.05.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  3. Greetings, on May 16 at 16:00-16:30 server time technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Fixed not working excellent options and stat specialization issue. After the end of the maintenance, it is not required to update the game client manually, since reconnect system will update it.
  4. Annoying zen drop rate. .

    This is not related to zen drop, excl. options is broken and i'll release hotfix ASAP.
  5. Maintenance on 15.05.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  6. How to reset Skill Tree

    Special items for reset skill tree available in cash shop.
  7. Maintenance on 09.05.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  8. Maintenance on 09.05.2018

  9. Char Stucked - Offlevel system

  10. Loch's Feather

  11. Maintenance on 26.03.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  12. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    This and all many others issues/bugs will be fixed in next patch.
  13. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    Ok, for you it's fixed now. For others - if you have this 'lag' then buy black oblivion in cash-shop (https://prnt.sc/is10pi) and issue will be gone. It's a temporary fix though, so will be corrected soon.
  14. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    Send account details via PM.