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  1. reset cost

    under the game services there is a reset character option then transfer zen button at lower part of the web page, transfer the service cost amount then press the make button. you can also add stats there in the game services. hope this will help you.
  2. Can't log in my account

    i left my character in vulcanus and i check it there with another character but my character ZarkhaN is nowhere to find.
  3. why i can't log in my account? i set my character to offlevel command then in the website it shows that im online but still level 1 and never change. then i try to log-in my account but it says my account is already log-in but i can't log in and continue to the game. please help me for i need to get rebirth today thanks. i think i got an error or bug. IGN: ZarkhaN
  4. Bloodangel Holyangel

    go to acheron for bloodangel, then go to ferea for darkangel and lastly go to nixie lake for holyangel.
  5. Warius - new beginning

    and my wcoins...
  6. Warius - new beginning

    what will happen to my beloved characters???
  7. Warius - new beginning

    wow i dont expect to start all over again. its been a year when i get started here. what i dont feel about is server shutdown. but still im here. do i have to play another server.
  8. Event Maze of Dimensions bUG

    In my experience with the maze of dimension looks like the same, I'm in stage 4 and doing the last mission of 5 (achieved helper mission), then I get disconnected. When I get back to the game, I can't continue anymore because there is no more monster to kill. I think, the progress should be saved correctly in order to continue. Now I'm just waiting for Maze of Dimension reset day.