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  1. Ok got it thanks, you said "You have to wait for some time", can you define how much time? I mean we cant stay on the pc 24/7 waiting for the msg
  2. No we cant, so I guess that it is Bugged, heres a pic, im wearing the Ring, clicked refresh and nothing happens
  3. So I cant enter to Convert gems to Harmoney if someone killed the boss? il have to w8 24 hours? =S
  4. Got additional question that relates to the last one, how often Kanturu Event starts? wich hours?
  5. Cool, thanks for a fast answer!
  6. Hi admin and players, Does Jewel of Harmony can give "Defense Success Rate" % and/or "Damage Decrease" %? @Groot
  7. cruerider, PRIME, 1.6

    My character link: https://mu.warius.net/char/WarChief/prime Offender's character link: https://mu.warius.net/char/cruerider/prime Broken rule: 1.6 Evidence: After killing him in Battle Map, since he knows im Jewish he started saying Neo Nazi shit with other curses as well, please take care of this litle neo nazi child accordingly, thanks..
  8. Dont get any RUUD

    Hi, thanks for the respond, 1. Gremory case is empty 2. I have to be at the same time of the event lvl 400? I did 3rd quest, master lvl around 40 but I was after rr and lvl was lower than 400. 3. I was alone in chaos castle, killed all the monsters and won the event so there is no way I didnt made the points needed, recieved ancient items that droped but nothing on gremory case. Does the RUUD only comes in event +7? or lower ones as well? I will give it one more try and see if I get something, If you can keep this topic opened so I can update.
  9. Dont get any RUUD

    regarding this topic: For some reason you locked the topic without giving me an option to respond... I wrote in the last topic that I have achieved the points needed like said in the guide, in Chaos Castle for example, I killed 1 player that was there, killed all the 100 monster and won the CC, thats 5+100+25 = 130 pints, and stil didnt get any boxes or Ruud, the minimum is 25 points needed, so even if i killed only few monsters (and i killed most of them) the 5 points from killing a player and 20 points for victory suppose to reward me with the lower price and the worst and the higher and the best. Same in BC and DS. Please Dont close this topic again before giving me a chance to respond. Thanks. @Groot
  10. Dont get any RUUD

    Hi, im already made 3rd quest and I dont get any RUUD from events BC DS CC and I always get the points needed, why is that? @Groot