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  1. Fixed, drops in Icarus from mega crusts and higher by level monsters.
  2. Loch's Feather

    Must drop in Icarus from mega crusts and higher by level monsters.
  3. Maintenance on 08.04.2018

    Tech. works successfully completed.
  4. Greetings, on April 8 at 11:30 server time technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Reset Gens rank and Maze of Dimensions progress.
  5. x30 'Prime' - dedicated low rate server, focused specially for true mu online lovers. This server is about... complete lack of donate items! Yes, you did not misunderstand, any item earned on this server is achieved through the gameplay only. Your success here depends on your patience to achieve goals and the ability to cooperate with your teammates. The more you play with it, the harder it gets. Server features Warius works only with Webzen’s official platform. Main server features can be seen below. Main server features Game version: Season 13 Part 1-2 Normal level rates: x30 (Dynamic) Master level rates: x30 Drop rates: 50% Max level: 400 Max master level: 350/100 Max reset: 30 Stats per each level: 5/7 Stats per each reset: Shown on the table Limited stats for one characteristic: 12'767 Required level for guild creation: 350 Required level for joining gens: 50 Required level for MU Helper: 10 Party system When your character is levelling in the party, your experience is modified depending on character classes and levels. Thus, player party with not repeatable classes (Gold party) gets +10% bonus experience for each player. However if party consists of same player classes, it gets a penalty -10% of acquired experience. Furthermore, total amount of penalty and bonus is divided among all members of the party, depending on their level difference. The greater level difference between players are, the greater penalty or bonus they will receive. - 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 5 Players Normal party -20% -30% -40% -50% Gold party - +30% +40% +50% Dynamic Experience Your character’s levelling consists of 30 resets. For every reset player will receive from 500 to 700 points and for every 10th reset player will receive from 1000 to 3000 points. In addition, every 10 resets player will receive from 25 to 100 w coins. At the maximum stage of the game, characters such as DW / DK / ELF / SUM will be awarded with 24’195 stat points (without Marlon quest), and MG / DL / RF / GL - 24'993 stat points. Furthermore, you can start achievement system in order to earn more game currency and strengthen your character. A table with detailed information regarding the stats, rates, reset cost and reset bonuses can be seen below. Reset Stat points per reset Total stat points Normal experience Master experience Zen price Bonus W Coins 1 500 500 x30 x30 1'000'000 - 2 500 1000 x29 x30 2'000'000 - 3 500 1500 x28 x30 3'000'000 - 4 500 2000 x27 x30 4'000'000 - 5 500 2500 x26 x30 5'000'000 - 6 500 3000 x25 x30 6'000'000 - 7 500 3500 x24 x30 7'000'000 - 8 500 4000 x23 x30 8'000'000 - 9 500 4500 x22 x30 9'000'000 - 10 1000 5500 x21 x30 10'000'000 25 11 600 6100 x20 x30 11'000'000 - 12 600 6700 x19 x30 12'000'000 - 13 600 7300 x18 x30 13'000'000 - 14 600 7900 x17 x30 14'000'000 - 15 600 8500 x16 x30 15'000'000 - 16 600 9100 x15 x30 16'000'000 - 17 600 9700 x14 x30 17'000'000 - 18 600 10300 x13 x30 18'000'000 - 19 600 10900 x12 x30 19'000'000 - 20 2000 12900 x11 x30 20'000'000 50 21 700 13600 x10 x30 21'000'000 - 22 700 14300 x9 x30 22'000'000 - 23 700 15000 x8 x30 23'000'000 - 24 700 15700 x7 x30 24'000'000 - 25 700 16400 x6 x30 25'000'000 - 26 700 17100 x5 x30 26'000'000 - 27 700 17800 x4 x30 27'000'000 - 28 700 18500 x3 x30 28'000'000 - 29 700 19200 x2 x30 29'000'000 - 30 3000 22200 x1 x30 30'000'000 100 You can find overall information about the server here.
  6. Greetings, on March 26 at 20:00-20:15 technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Patch release with various fixes. List of changes (changelog): Warp menu level changes 'Move' on locations, such as Ferea, Nixies Lake, Dungeon 1-5. Normal Combat, Devilwood, Bloodangel, Darkangel and Holyangel Quiver are available in the general drop. Removed stun effect from ML skills, such as Breche and Magic Pin. Fixed visual bug with the Obsidian skill. Maze of Dimensions - removed experience gain. Fixed drop from Kundun, rare cases when it didn't drop anything at all, observations are required though. Fixed an attack distance for Fire Blow Enhanced skill. Swamp of Calmness is not (Battle) location anymore, Deep Dungeon 1-5 are (Battle) locations. Silver/Gold keys can be now traded and sold to NPC. Teleport in party is now disabled in the Valley of Loren, in some other locations the particular system is disabled as well. VIP users can gain additional experience on the normal server as well. Fixed Red Cherry Blossom Branch stacks up to 50. Achievement 'Serpentarium' has been replaced with 'New Year's efforts', summon scrolls were added in drops. Fixed mobs and drops in the Imperial Guardian event for characters with 400 ML and above. All kind of Egg's can be now dropped from the inventory. ML rate has been increased to x100. After an update, some of the client files will be updated automatically.
  7. Season 13 Part 1-2

    VIP has many other privileges. It was already decreased from 450 to 250 coins.
  8. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    Since in S13 we have updated excl. options on BA, DA, HA items, some of the previous S12 items in market may be shown as excl. without options.
  9. Bugs and other worms! So many!

    It's different in S13 now. You have to create spiritstones using ''Create Spiristone'' option in the chaos machine (in this case you will have to make spiritstones from non-exc items +4+4opt and above).
  10. Season 13 Part 1-2

    Well, jewel pick up was enabled for non-vipers as well before. However, since there were too many players using offlevel feature, we have made a decision to disable jewel pick up. That will help to maintain ''healthy population''. It's simple now - you want jewels, you stay online.
  11. Vote

    The particular issue is described in the topic here.
  12. The work on Season 13 has came to an end and today we are ready to provide a full list of changes and novelties that the new season brings to our project. Changes have been affected almost all aspects of the game process, among them, original Webzen changes, as well as our own, custom changes. Since the new season just came out recently, many features and potential shortcomings can be recognised only after a long time gameplay, involving large number of players, accordingly many updates and fixes are planned to be done, especially in the upcoming time. New 4th class quest, wings, set and weapons The new high-grade class quest has been added. New classes, such as Dragon Knight, Soul Wizard, Noble Elf, Magic Knight, Dimension Summoner, Empire Lord, Fist Blazer and Shining Lancer are introduced. New profession adds an ability to wear appropriate new wings. It was assumed that these wings may bring some disbalance in PvP because of their high-grade options, but as the practice showed, they turned out to be well balanced. Yes indeed, these wings got a fairly large amount of basic defense, but this is the only thing that in the upcoming time can be nerfed. In addition to the smithy, these wings can be crafted via gameplay. As well, new weapons such as Holyangel and new sets such as Awakening has been added into the game, which also requires 4th profession to be completed. Mastery set and weapon changes The options of these items (including the new Awakening and Holyangel) have been modified. ''Unnecessary'' excl. options were removed and the remaining SX options have been converted into the percentage. As a result, the maximum possible set of options are: DD 5%, Ref 5%, Max HP 8%, Max Mana 8%, Zen 40%, DSR 10%. On weapons: EDR 10%, Damage 4%, 2 dmg/20lvl, ATK speed 50, life/8, mana/8. PvP options no longer works for such items. On sets where PvP option remains, its HP value was reduced to 300. Master Skill Tree and Skill Enhancement Tree Since the new skill enchancement tree was added, original developers Webzen have removed many skills and effects from the previous master skill tree, such as stun, double damage, etc. The only remaining skill with the stun was Mace Mastery, however it was removed from our side due to balance reasons. The number of levels (accordingly points as well) in ML has been lowered from 370 to 350. It's worth mentioning that work regarding the Skill Enchancement is still going on, and, most likely, some work will be done after the release, as we have to closely monitor the effectiveness of each skill in PvP, and if necessary, make changes. New maps and bosses Two new maps have been added Deep Dungeon and Swamp of Darkness. The first map will be used on our server to raise master level only, whereas on the second map, a new event will take place, which is called God of Darkness, where you will be able to get excl. Awakening set parts and Garuda's Flame ingredient that can be used to craft 4th wings. The official release date The final release date is scheduled for March 14, closer to the evening time. Technical works will last from two to six hours. Freebies for new players and March promotion The key of the success, first of all, these are new players, who by their arrival brings a freshness into the already existing audience. If it happens, then our administration has fulfilled three things - advertising, which makes players generally aware of the project's existence, work on its internal component, thanks to which our project is brining an interest, and creating favourable conditions for our beginners. We are proud to announce that from now, all the newcomers will start the game with a special gift pack, demonstrating a truly unique MU Online world to everyone who has shown an interest. All the new players will start the game with a special freebie package that includes the following: 7 day beginner starting bonus (choose your own pet, transformation ring and mini wings, can be taken here). 7 day Gold VIP subscription (taken together with the beginner starting bonus). In fact, that's not all! To celebrate our S13 release, we are launching March promotion: From March 12 to March 31 - donation bonuses extra 20% are active for everyone. Warius administration is willing to show you that our server isn't that closed and hostile. Don't miss the chance and join now!
  13. Bug Report (grow lancer set)

    Just a visual thing in the panel 'C'. If you check the defense difference in pvp, you will see that the 15% bonus actually works.
  14. Skill Enhancement

    Once the 4th Class Upgrade is completed, the character is able to gain powerful skills from the Skill Enhance Tree. The Skill Enhance Tree UI can be opened using "Ctrl+A" or by pressing the 'Skill Enhance' button in the (''C'') Character Info Window. General Skill Enhancement Once the 4th Class Upgrade is completed, each level up grants one point. Click on the slot in the Skill Enhance Tree to enhance the skill using the points. Various enhancement options can be applied to the enhanced main skills to give additional effects depending on the tree settings. Enhanced skill options apply to the relevant main skills only. Other skills will not benefit from the options. Each main skill has the list of skill enhancement options available to it: Icon Name Effect Skill Damage Increase Option will increase damage of Main Skill. Damage Count(Number) Increase (+1/+2/+3) Option will increase Damage Count. Increase Additional Damage Rate When using the main skill, the option will give a chance of additional damage. Increase Attack Speed Option will increase attack speed of main skill. Increase Attack Range Option will increase attack range of broad attack skills. Additional Splash Damage Adds splash damage to the Main Skill, the range will be fixed as 1 Tile. Increase Skill Range Option will increase skill range of Main Skill. Increase Target Option will increase the maximum number of target in broad attack. Cooldown Time Reduction Option will reduce cooldown time. Remove Cooldown Time Option will remove cooldown time of the skill. Weapon Damage Increase (%) Increases weapon damage. Weapon MP Increase (%) Increases magic weapon damage. Depending on the number of skill points distributed for skill enchantments, passive skills will start to unlock on the right part of the panel. For all skills and all classes they remain same - Maximum Health, Fourth Stats, Increase Basic Armor. Upgrade skills with debuff, Debuff Explosion Debuff options can be enhanced for the enhanced main skills depending on the tree settings. Enhanced debuff options apply to the relevant main skills only. Each main skill has the list of debuff enhancement options available to it, at the bottom of the panel (without the tree), the passive ones at the right part of the panel (from the used points), as well debuff can strengthened in the Debuff Explosion tab. In this particular tab, debuffs can be upgraded for all the skills and trees, therefore, in order not to waste your points, you will have to make a choice first, what skills and trees you are going to use. The debuff enhancement options works in PvM only.
  15. Such service won't be available.