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Welcome to NuKe Alliance !

The GM of NuKe is LaybacK and he is the ally head  and we created another guild as extension of NuKe named NuKeRs and  the GM is  Bogdan 

Bogdan, Killua, LaybacK and Finixx are leading NuKe Ally!

-To be part of this alliance you need to be  loyal, friendly, respectful, and to have the spirit of unity  ! Without those basic qualities you can GTFO!
-We don`t need idiots, our motto is  QUALITY  instead of  QUANTITY! So Keep in mind and respect !

-We are like a big family, we always help our brothers with everything we can , and we don`t let selfishness and laziness interfere with alliance obligations!
" I DIDN'T  KNOW THE RULES" is not a valid excuse! All new members and Guilds must know our rules. WE are Recruiting in V gens !

Here are the rules that you need to respect, the rules are simple and fair :


1.  NEVER PK or KS ally  members

2.  ALWAYS party ally  members in events such as BC, DS, etc...  we don't really care  if you were in a party with 4 other members and 1 ally member came in late (In BC for example) you must leave current party and stick with your allies. You can always aplogize to the others and tell them that the alliance comes first, even if it leaves you with 2 vs 5 in the event. this rule is meant to promote selflessness and to strengthen the spirit of unity.

3. Always  SELL CHEAPER   to alliance than normal game server prices and  try as much as possible to give for free  (For e.g. BC pairs, DS ticket, exc. items, etc..) Doing this will help the alliance grow stronger and our friendships be closer.

4 ANY Problems  you may have or internal conflicts must be reported to your GM or Ally Head and also RESPECT  your mates, don`t punish or justify on your own! 

5. BE UNITED ! This is one  of the most important rules, we are a big family and only WITH RESPECT AND UNITY will we always be on TOP.  So Please, Help Alliance with all you can, and NEVER let an ally member down when he needs your help !!

              - Help on PK and WARS !  (we know that u have to reset/doing ML , but don`t be lazy , try to come, doing this will encourage others to help when you need it too !be active and cast the laziness away ! )  

             - Try as much as possible to Join CS ! , because it is the most important event in game and let it be like a family picnic and a gathering of all brothers 

6.   PK or KS in LOT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ! DOING THIS MEANS KICKING FROM ALLY, WITH NO DISCUSSION.    Owning CS is an privilege and the work of all members who came, PKing and KSing in LoT means a lot of greed and lack of respect will result in a kick.

II. The Good Manners RULES:

1. You  MAY  use your native language on ally chat but please  DON'T SPAM  it because it excludes other members from conversations and can sometimes get on peoples nerves.  

2. Please  DON'T SPAM  Trade messages on Ally Chat, one message is usually enough. 

3.  Have Patience ! I know you might be old and experienced player, but don`t forget you were also nab when you started the game, so explain to others (new members) and  Don't be ignorant   when they needs your help and advice. 

P.S.  U might think there are a lot of rules but actually they are not, and from our experience those are the best things all must respect.

Those are not complicated rules, they are decent, and easy rules to respect,  this type of player should be a NuKe alliance member , we need quality members to keep  PEACE and Harmony  in alliance.

Have fun brothers!


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